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Our famous restaurant located on 1st floor, next to reception area. You can simply access from the
hotel and from Damnernkasem walking street. There are various delicious dishes you can order.

:: The famous "Tom Yum Kung" :: Fried Chicken with Cashew nuts
Tom Yum Kung is a
clear, or with Coconut
milk soup, originating
from Thailand and is one
of the most famous
This is also one of famous
dishes of our restaurant.
Cashew nuts are a
common ingredient in
Asian cooking.
:: Spicy Smoked Salmon with Thai Herbs :: Hot dish - Seafood
If you like spicy food,
don't miss our
wellknown dish - Spicy
Smoked Salmon with
Thai Herbs.
Don't forget to try Hot
dish, which is very popular
in Thailand, especially
made from Seafood.
:: Sweet and Sour (Prawns) :: Red Curry with Fish
Prawns fried with Thai
vegetable and herbs in
Sweet and Sour flavour.
Don't miss!
Spicy curry cooked from
fish and Thai vegetable
with herbs.
:: Meat Steak :: Thai Noodle (Meat/Balls)
Don't miss our meat
steak, one of the
famous dishes from our
Thai noodles with meat
and/or meat-balls.
:: Crispy with Cheese :: Coconut Juice
Don't forget to try our
Fried Wantan with
Cheese inside.
Taste good!

Pure juice from coconut is
ready to serve at anytime
in our restaurant.

For more information about our Foods & Dining, please contact

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